Spring sewing is here with my sweet hearts blouse

It took long enough, but the spring sewing bug has arrived. It all began with temperatures in the single-digits (finally) and a much needed break from the stress school usually brings in March without fail. It is definitely time to put away the knitting needles and bust out the dusty sewing machine to start prepping my spring/summer wardrobe! Vogue pattern, 2001
My first project (which was actually pre-spring – I couldn’t wait) was a blouse based on this 2001 Vogue pattern I found at Goodwill in a bin of patterns that were all under a dollar. Of course it is always hard to find your size in such bins, but I got lucky with this really stylish collection of blouses, and it only cost me 49 cents! Imagine! Of course it was all marked up, and yes pattern pieces were missing, but I did find the complete pattern for blouse B, which is what I used with the mystery polyester/cotton/jersey fabric my grandmother sent me from Pakistan. It was a great, simple project and the blouse has a very classic cut that never goes out of style. I also added shoulder pads to give it a little more definition. This great find is proof that it is worth rummaging through pattern bins at thrift stores!


3 thoughts on “Spring sewing is here with my sweet hearts blouse

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