My Wiksten tank

I searched far and wide for a tank top pattern that was cute and stylish, not frumpy and not tacky. I finally found it with the Wiksten tank. This was the first sewing pattern I actually paid for, but it was well worth it because even two years later I can crank out these darlings in no time and they are ideal for almost any fabric or print. JX65iMr-sE2PDP-55h3fTP_o_sc4Enkc0As90wfAzFM
This fabric has been waiting to be worn for over a year! I bought it in New York City last year and it was a bit pricey so I just bought one yard, which meant I had to save it for something extra special. After that didn’t happen, because how many extra-special one-yard clothing projects are there really, I decided a simple tank would be the best way to display the pretty feathers and subtle colour scheme. The pattern had some kinks in it that did not suit my body shape so well, for instance the sleeves/shoulders had to be adjusted a bit over the course of a few trial tanks, I also made it much, much shorter and tighter fitting since baggy tanks make me look like a balloon. I’ve altered it enough to really like my final pattern (which is now wrinkly and torn in places so I better retrace it since I lost the digital copy I paid for!). Sadly, hemming curved edges is still a challenge for me, and sometimes I just don’t care for perfection, so my hemline is a little crooked – and I am totally fine with that. Either way, nice pattern, good investment and like all my other new projects, just waiting for that sun-on-my-skin warmth to wear this tank out and about!


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